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Oter's infinitely scalable library of must-read bookish highlights from non-fiction books makes useful book wisdom accessible for all.

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With Oter, get started on your journey of self -improvement. Tell us your goals and we’ll bring you the lessons and motivation you need to achieve them

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Every single day, thousands of people finds themselves one step close to their goals, with Oter. Join them !

Every single day, thousands of people finds themselves one step close to their goals, with Oter.

Adagboyi kelvin

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It's a great app. Very accessible with lots of great books in all aspect of life.

Indonesia Sarva

Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5

The development of the app is totally great and the feature to select 10 books πŸ“š that's fantastic like people usually select many books then they don't even bother to come back and read them so it's like creating hype on them so they can open next day for more books πŸ“š …The app is great, fantastic, fabulous, amazing and there no words left..

C P Manna

Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5

Hey,your app is amazing! I loved it!! I have searched for books which I wanted to read and that should be free but couldn't find. But atlast through your app i'm able to read the books which I wanted. Thanks for creating the app which is helpful for everyone who wishes to read their desired book.

mehul shah

Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5

Excellent App with great attention to details. Life becomes easier and truly motivational.

Venkata amarnath

Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5

One and only great app for reading ♾️ Infinite number of books free of cost, and saving time by providing key points, This app helped me Alot , Also recommend to many people, LOVE πŸ˜˜πŸ“–πŸ“– This App.

Saikat Paul

Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5

This is an amazing app, and I have found it very useful in my daily life. With this app, I am sure that one can develop a strong reading habit in the long run. All the best!

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For the busy ones

There can be no excuse to not read anymore - Oter is made for coffee breaks, waiting lines, your long commutes and for all your extra minutes in a day packed with to - do lists.
Microbooks on Oter fit into your hectic life and packed schedule, bringing you limitless knowledge in a nugget-sized format.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How can Oter help me in my self-improvement journey?

How can Oter help me in my self - improvement journey?

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